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The Rise Of Asia's Banking Cartels
In today’s world, global finance is fiercely competitive. Large banks hold strings of power, delicately balancing influence across many countries. But, don’t be fooled. State’s central banks and global banks, like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, a...
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China Banking Sector: Challenges In The Near Future
Please take note this is only one aspect in weighing the attractiveness or non-attractiveness of the companies mentioned in the article as an investment and should not be used independent of other factors such as valuation which are not addressed. China's economic rebalancing and its cooling...
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Demographics Is Destiny - The Big Picture In China
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Is Bernie Sanders Right About The Big Banks?
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ASHR Might Finally Be Staging A Turnaround
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How many Chinese shares landed in state hands?
China's "national team" owns at least 6% of the mainland stock market following the summer rescue to prop up prices, putting even more of the $4.2T bourses into state hands, FT reports . More news on: Bank of China, Ltd. ADR, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd. ADR, Agricultura...
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Date: November, 26 2015 04:34


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About Agricultural Bank of China (OTC: ACGBY)

Logo for Agricultural Bank of China (OTC: ACGBY)

The predecessor of Agricultural Bank of China is Agricultural Cooperative Bank established in . Since the late s, the Bank has evolved from a state owned specialized bank to a wholly state owned commercial bank and subsequently a state controlled commercial bank. The Bank was restructured into a joint stock limited liability company in January . The Bank was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, respectively in July , which marked the completion of our transformation into a public shareholding commercial bank. lt br / gt Being one of the major integrated financial service providers in China, the Bank is committed to catering to the needs of Sannong and capitalizing on the synergy between the Urban Areas and the County Areas. The Bank strives to expand into the international market and provides diversified services so as to become a first class modern commercial bank. Capitalizing on the comprehensive business portfolio, extensive distribution network and advanced IT platform, the Bank provides various corporate and retail banking products and services for a broad range of customers and carries out treasury operations for our own accounts or on behalf of customers. Our business scope includes, among others, investment banking, fund management, financial leasing and life insurance. At the end of , the Bank had total assets of RMB , , million, deposits of RMB , , million and loans of RMB , , million. Our capital adequacy ratio and non performing loan ratio were . and . , respectively. The Bank achieved a net profit of RMB , million in . lt br / gt The Bank had , domestic branch outlets, including the Head Office, the Business Department of the Head Office, three specialized institutions managed by the Head Office, tier branches including branches directly managed by the Head Office , tier branches including business departments of branches in provinces , , tier sub branches including business departments in municipalities, business departments of branches directly managed by the Head Office and business departments of tier branches , and , other establishments. Our overseas branch outlets consisted of four overseas branches and five overseas representative offices. Our major subsidiaries consisted of nine domestic subsidiaries and three overseas subsidiaries. lt br / gt In , the Bank ranked No. in Fortune s Global , and ranked No. in The Banker s Top World Banks list in terms of profit before tax for the year of . In , the Bank s issuer credit ratings were assigned A/A by Standard amp Poor s the bank deposits ratings were assigned A /P by Moody s Investors Service and the long /short term foreign currency issuer default ratings were assigned A/F by Fitch Ratings. The Bank s outlook ratings assigned by the above credit rating agencies were stable .


Contact Information



Current Management

  • Zhang Yun / President
  • Li Zhenjiang / Secretary
  • Yang Kun / Vice President
  • Xiang Junbo / Chairman
  • Zhang Yun / Vice Chairman

Current Share Structure

  • Market Cap: $162,553,769,840 - 03/09/2018
  • Issue and Outstanding: 294,055,300,000 - 07/21/2011


Daily Technical Chart for (OTC: ACGBY)

Daily Technical Chart for (OTC: ACGBY)

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