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PIMCO declares monthly distributions
PIMCO Corporate & Income Strategy Fund (NYSE: PCN ) - $0.1125. PIMCO Corporate & Income Opportunity Fund (NYSE: PTY ) - $0.1300. PIMCO Global StocksPLUS® & Income Fund (NYSE: PGP ) - $0.1220. PIMCO High Income Fund (NYSE: PHK ) - $0.0807. PIMCO Income Opportunity Fun...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: September, 05 2018 02:15
PIMCO Closed-End Funds Declare Monthly Common Share Distributions
NEW YORK, Sept. 04, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Boards of Trustees/Directors of the PIMCO closed-end funds (each, a “Fund” and, collectively, the “Funds”) have declared a monthly distribution for each Fund’s common shares as summarized below. The distribu...
Source: GlobeNewswire
Date: September, 04 2018 16:57
Pimco Income Strategy Fund: Performing Well, But Is It The Best Option?
Main Thesis The purpose of this article is to articulate why I believe the Pimco Income Strategy Fund ( PFL ) is no longer an attractive investment option at its current market price. While I have recommend PFL on multiple occasions, the fund has begun to look too expensive for my taste. My ...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: August, 29 2018 09:14
Another Strong CEF Report From PIMCO, But Problems May Be Lurking
PIMCO’s July CEF Report Posts Another Strong Month, But Problems May Be Lurking PIMCO’s monthly closed-end fund report was released on Wednesday and it continues the trends of the past several months. Simply put, lingering apprehensions over the stability of distributions for t...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: August, 18 2018 10:28
Gimme Shelter: Uncertainty On The Rise
Following our recent blog summarizing key takeaways from BlackRock Investment Institute's Mid-Year Global Investment Outlook, this post takes a closer look at the first theme: a wider range of growth outcomes amidst rising macro uncertainty. We believe macro uncertainty will be higher than i...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: August, 13 2018 15:01


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      Filing Type: N-CENFiling Source: edgar
      Filing Date: September, 13 2018
      Annual Report of Proxy Voting Record of Registered Management Investment Company
      Filing Type: N-PXFiling Source: edgar
      Filing Date: August, 29 2018
      Annual Certified Shareholder Report of Registered investment management companies
      Filing Type: N-CSRFiling Source: edgar
      Filing Date: August, 28 2018
      Post-effective amendment filed solely to add exhibits to a registration statement
      Filing Type: POS EXFiling Source: edgar
      Filing Date: July, 12 2018
      Definitive materials filed by investment companies
      Filing Type: 497Filing Source: edgar
      Filing Date: July, 09 2018
      Notice from the SEC of registration effectiveness
      Filing Type: EFFECTFiling Source: edgar
      Filing Date: July, 06 2018
      RPre-effective amendment to an N-2 filing
      Filing Type: N-2/AFiling Source: edgar
      Filing Date: July, 02 2018
      Quarterly Schedule of Portfolio Holdings of Registered Management Investment Company
      Filing Type: N-QFiling Source: edgar
      Filing Date: May, 30 2018
      Semi-Annual report for management companies
      Filing Type: NSAR-AFiling Source: edgar
      Filing Date: March, 01 2018
      Semi-Annual Report of a Certified Shareholder Report of registered investment management companies
      Filing Type: N-CSRSFiling Source: edgar
      Filing Date: March, 01 2018



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      Daily Technical Chart for (NYSE: PKO)

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