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We are excited to present Invesco Van Kampen High Income Trust II (NYSE: VLT).

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Where Are We In The U.S. Credit Cycle?
Even as the Federal Reserve seems intent on raising interest rates, some investors are turning to U.S. high-yield bonds. So just where are we in the credit cycle and is the yield in high yield bonds properly compensating investors for risks? Kim Parlee speaks with Greg Kocik, Managing Dir...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: September, 14 2018 01:58
Is The Corporate Bond Market Overheating? Look At The Lenders
Recently, a growing number of investors and market commentators have been advocating for caution in credit lending - rightfully so, in my opinion. However, despite the publicity this has received in the press, it appears that little has actually been done to clamp down on aggressive lending. P...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: September, 13 2018 06:00
Is It Time To Start Taking Profits In Junk Bonds?
The Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates again later this month, but if that's another signal that headwinds are building for fixed-income securities, the warning isn't resonating in the junk bond market these days. The crowd's appetite for below-investment-grade US debt remai...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: September, 13 2018 02:26
Weekly Review: High-Yield CEFs - 8% Yielder With One Of The Highest UNII Balance Per Share
Introduction The opportunities in closed-end funds over the last few months caught the eye of many investors. Most of these products are designed to provide a steady stream of income, usually on a monthly or quarterly basis, as opposed to the biannual payments provided by individual bonds....
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: September, 12 2018 12:55
Distribution Changes Among Closed End Funds | September 2018
This month saw a more mixed results in the distribution announcements for closed end funds. The muni side again saw a significant amount of cuts to the distribution. Last month, Nuveen saw no cuts to their distributions but this month the funds that cut totaled 14. In aggregate, 8 funds incr...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: September, 10 2018 09:30


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      Annual Report of Proxy Voting Record of Registered Management Investment Company
      Filing Type: N-PXFiling Source: edgar
      Filing Date: August, 10 2018
      Quarterly Schedule of Portfolio Holdings of Registered Management Investment Company
      Filing Type: N-QFiling Source: edgar
      Filing Date: July, 30 2018
      Additional proxy soliciting materials - definitive
      Filing Type: DEFA14AFiling Source: edgar
      Filing Date: July, 30 2018
      Additional proxy soliciting materials - definitive
      Filing Type: DEFA14AFiling Source: edgar
      Filing Date: June, 26 2018
      Amendment to Registration statement for management investment companies
      Filing Type: 486BPOSFiling Source: edgar
      Filing Date: June, 26 2018
      Official notification to shareholders of matters to be brought to a vote (Proxy)
      Filing Type: DEF 14AFiling Source: edgar
      Filing Date: June, 25 2018
      Annual Certified Shareholder Report of Registered investment management companies
      Filing Type: N-CSRFiling Source: edgar
      Filing Date: May, 07 2018
      Annual report for management companies
      Filing Type: NSAR-BFiling Source: edgar
      Filing Date: April, 30 2018
      Amendment to the SC 13G filing
      Filing Type: SC 13G/AFiling Source: edgar
      Filing Date: March, 12 2018
      Statement of beneficial ownership of common stock by certain persons
      Filing Type: SC 13GFiling Source: edgar
      Filing Date: February, 14 2018



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      Daily Technical Chart for (NYSE: VLT)

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