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Remembering Sergio
Adam Jonas: Okay. Sergio, this is your last full-year. What do you want to be remembered for? Sergio Marchionne: Being able to answer your questions, Adam. Adam Jonas: Alright. Then let me finish with something real quick and we will move on. Back in 2004 when you were first i...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: July, 23 2018 15:42
Q2 2018 Letter: Mind The (Expectations) Gap
Our second-quarter letter explores the primary driver of our recent performance: large gaps between trading consensus and reality. We have continued to refine this ranking framework, and we explain further in our short 3.5-page letter. Read our Q2 2018 letter to investors Read more ...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: July, 19 2018 04:22
All In The Family: The Outperformance Of Family Conglomerates
A growing body of evidence indicates that organizations with an engaged group of controlling shareholders, such as family-led businesses, will outperform market averages over the long-term. In my view, the biggest reason for that outperformance is a more natural and better system of corporat...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: July, 16 2018 15:38
Exor (EXOSF) Investor Presentation - Slideshow
The following slide deck was published by Exor S.p.a. in conjunction with this Read more ...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: May, 29 2018 15:09
Q1 2018 Letter: A Builder's Approach To Public Markets
Our first quarter letter for 2018 explores how our approach to investing allows us to find assets that are systematically shunned by our peers, despite having very high-quality Read more ...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: May, 14 2018 00:45
Exor Shareholders Letter 2018
Originally posted on Read more ...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: April, 16 2018 09:16
Longleaf Partners Shareholder Letter Q1 2018
Read more ...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: April, 15 2018 06:38
Greenwood Investors Q4 2017 Letter
Read more ...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: January, 24 2018 08:45
Oppenheimer Global ESG Revenue ETF (ESGF) December Summary
December monthly performance was: +2.57% More news on: Oppenheimer Global ESG Revenue ETF, Apple Inc., Daimler AG, , Read more ...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: January, 04 2018 08:20
Oppenheimer Global ESG Revenue ETF (ESGF) November Summary
November monthly performance was: +2.82% More news on: Oppenheimer Global ESG Revenue ETF, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., Apple Inc., , Read more ...
Source: SeekingAlpha
Date: December, 04 2017 09:24


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About Exor NV (OTC: EXXRF)

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EXOR N.V. is one of Europe s leading investment companies and is controlled by the Agnelli Family. With a NAV Net Asset Value of nearly Dollars billion, it sums up an entrepreneurial story based on more than a century of investments. EXOR s goal is to beat the MSCI World Index in the long term through the increase in its Net Asset Value NAV . EXOR invests in different sectors, mainly in Europe and in the United States, focusing on few global companies. EXOR is a responsible owner, combining its entrepreneurial approach with a sound financial discipline. It focuses on the development of its companies, improving their competitive position and profitability. It maintains a constant dialogue with the management of the companies in which it invests, while fully respecting their operating autonomy.


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Current Share Structure

  • Market Cap: $18,099,100,000 - 05/14/2018
  • Issue and Outstanding: 241,000,000 - 04/20/2018


Daily Technical Chart for (OTC: EXXRF)

Daily Technical Chart for (OTC: EXXRF)

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