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Severn Trent plc ( OTCPK:STRNY ) ( OTCPK:SVTRF ) recently declared that they have had a good start to the year, and that they are on track with the £100 million ($131.35 million) reinvestment that was announced in May - a move made to ensure compliance with the UK's new regulator inve...
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Date: May, 23 2018 14:11


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About Severn Trent PLC (OTC: STRNY)

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Severn Trent PLC provides and treats water and waste water in the UK and internationally through two complimentary businesses Severn Trent Water and Business Services. Severn Trent Water is one of the largest of the regulated water and waste water companies in England and Wales. We provide high quality services to more than . million households and businesses in the Midlands and mid Wales. We operate within a regulatory framework, with Ofwat, the industry s economic regulator, setting limits on the prices we can charge our customers during each five year Asset Management Plan AMP period. Severn Trent Business Services comprises UK Operating Services incl. Italy and Ireland and Renewable Energy. Severn Trent s Business Services portfolio allows us to apply our water and waste water services knowledge to create and deliver services to UK and international municipal, industrial and commercial customers.


Contact Information



Current Management

  • Olivia Garfield / CEO
  • James Bowling / CFO
  • Vaughn Walton / Deputy Company Secretary
  • Bronagh Kennedy / General Counsel, Company Secretary
  • HayleyJane Slater / Company Secretary Administrator
  • Gemma Eagle / Assistant Corporate Secretary
  • Aline Campbell / Assistant Corporate Secretary
  • Ruban Chandran / IR
  • Martin J. Kane / Chief Engineer
  • Emma FitzGerald / Managing Director, Wholesale Operations
  • Helen Miles / Group Commercial Director
  • Andy P. Smith / Managing Director, Business Services
  • Sarah Bentley / Chief Customer Officer
  • Andrew Duff / NonExecutive Chairman
  • Clare Maio / Director, Audits
  • John Coghlan / NonExecutive Director
  • Philip Remnant / NonExecutive Director
  • Angela Strank / NonExecutive Director
  • Kevin Beeston / NonExecutive Director
  • Dominique Reiniche / NonExecutive Director
  • Tony Ballance /
  • Evelyn Dickey /
  • Olivia Garfield /

Current Share Structure


    Daily Technical Chart for (OTC: STRNY)

    Daily Technical Chart for (OTC: STRNY)

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