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About Summer Energy Holdings, Inc. (OTC: SUME)

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Summer LLC was organized as a Texas limited liability company on April , , by the filing of a certificate of organization with the Texas Secretary of State. In September of , Summer LLC was awarded a license by the Public Utility Commission of Texas PUCT to operate as an REP in Texas. In general, Texas regulatory structure permits REPs, such as Summer LLC, to procure and sell electricity at unregulated prices. REPs pay the local transmission and distribution utilities a regulated tariff rate for delivering electricity to their customers. As an REP, we sell electricity and provide the related billing, customer service, collections and remittance services to residential and commercial customers. We offer our customers competitive electricity rates, flexible payment and pricing choices, simple offers with understandable terms, and responsive customer service. We offer retail electricity to commercial and residential customers in designated target markets within the State of Texas. In the commercial market, the primary targets are small to medium sized customers less than one megawatt of peak usage , but we will also selectively pursue larger commercial customers through management s existing, historical relationships. Residential customers are a secondary target market. At this time, a majority of our customers are located in the Houston and Dallas Fort Worth metropolitan areas, although we anticipate a growing number will be located in a variety of other metropolitan and rural areas within Texas. We began delivering electricity to customers in mid February, . We have continued to experience growth in our customer base since that time. Marketing and Sales The Company is in the process of implementing a multi tiered marketing and sales strategy. The short term emphasis is on controlled growth, utilizing indirect marketing through third party relationships. Indirect marketing efforts, including the following, allow the Company to facilitate growth while keeping expenses low by avoiding the expense associated with creating and managing a full sales team: Aggregators, Brokers, Consultants often referred to as ABCs in the retail power industry Affinity Programs airline miles, credit card points, and participating gift cards Multifamily Housing Programs incentivizing property management companies based on referrals to their tenants Referrals reaching out to individuals connected to the community and providing incentives for sign ups and Charitable Programs enhancing referral programs and offering customers the chance to donate referral fees to local charitable organizations. As the Company grows, we expect to achieve long term growth by building our in house sales team to manage our third party, as well as our direct marketing efforts. Our direct marketing efforts include, or will include, without limitation: In house sales staff focused on small to medium sized commercial sales Face to face marketing, including presentations, customer meetings, and business development through newly formed relationships with consumers a/k/a cold calling Direct sales using independent sales associates Responding to website inquiries from commercial businesses Identifying opportunities in underserved markets e.g. South Texas and West Texas and Community Involvement establishing our brand throughout the community by giving back and volunteering our time and assistance. Relationship marketing will play a key role in both channels and should facilitate growth in the marketplace.




Current Management

  • Neil M. Leibman / CEO, Other
  • Angela Hanley / President
  • Jaleea P. George / CFO, Treasurer, Secretary
  • Andrew Bursten /
  • Stuart C. Gaylor /
  • Jaleea P. George /
  • Neil M. Leibman /
  • Jefferey Mace Meeks /
  • Tom D O Leary / Compensation Committee Member, Nominating Committee Member
  • James P. Stapleton /

Current Share Structure

  • Market Cap: $60,133,999 - 03/16/2018
  • Authorized: 100,000,000 - 03/13/2018
  • Issue and Outstanding: 25,055,833 - 03/13/2018
  • Float: 14,856,610 - 06/15/2017


Recent Filings from (OTC: SUME)

Quarterly report with a continuing view of a company's financial position
Filing Type: 10-QFiling Source: edgar
Filing Date: May, 15 2018
Report of unscheduled material events or corporate changes.
Filing Type: 8-KFiling Source: edgar
Filing Date: May, 04 2018
Official notice of an offering of securities that is made without registration under the Securities Act in reliance on an exemption provided by Regulation D and Section 4(6) under the Act
Filing Type: DFiling Source: edgar
Filing Date: April, 27 2018
Official notification to shareholders of matters to be brought to a vote (Proxy)
Filing Type: DEF 14AFiling Source: edgar
Filing Date: April, 26 2018
Additional proxy soliciting materials - definitive
Filing Type: DEFA14AFiling Source: edgar
Filing Date: April, 26 2018
Filing by person(s) reporting owned shares of common stock in a public company >5%
Filing Type: SC 13DFiling Source: edgar
Filing Date: April, 23 2018
Report of unscheduled material events or corporate changes.
Filing Type: 8-KFiling Source: edgar
Filing Date: April, 19 2018
Annual report with a comprehensive overview of the company
Filing Type: 10-KFiling Source: edgar
Filing Date: March, 29 2018
Report of unscheduled material events or corporate changes.
Filing Type: 8-KFiling Source: edgar
Filing Date: February, 23 2018
Amendment to a previously filed Form 4
Filing Type: 4/AFiling Source: edgar
Filing Date: February, 22 2018



Daily Technical Chart for (OTC: SUME)

Daily Technical Chart for (OTC: SUME)

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